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Explained: How to book your hotel for mandatory quarantine while returning to Qatar

Doha: Qatar will be gradually lifting the Covid-19 restrictions in four phases from June 15

In the first phase trips outside Qatar in cases of extreme necessity will be allowed and everyone who returns to Doha will be subjected to hotel quarantine on their personal expense for full two weeks.

In third phase, low risk inbound flights for priority passengers like returning residents will also be allowed.

Discover Qatar, a destination management division of Qatar Airways and partner of National Tourism Council, said on their website that they will be publishing various hotel packages for returning citizens and residents.

The returning passenger can fly Qatar Airways or any other airline, but will have to make the hotel booking directly with Discover Qatar for a stay at an approved quarantine hotel. They can’t book a hotel directly.

Expired Qatar ID

If your QID has expired whilst you have been outside of Qatar you will be permitted to re-enter Qatar to renew your QID after you have successfully completed your 14 day quarantine.

All permitted arrivals into Qatar must go into Government approved quarantine for a 14 day period on arrival into Qatar. The following is a summary of who is currently permitted to arrive into Qatar and what quarantine conditions apply:

For Qatari Nationals returning prior to June 14:

Upon arrival Qatari Nationals will be placed into Government provided and funded quarantine hotels for a period of 14 days. No advanced reservation is required and hotels and transport will be allocated upon arrival at HIA.

For Qatari nationals returning from June 15 – August 31:

You will require a confirmed flight ticket, and a confirmed self funded quarantine hotel reservation, which can be booked and paid for with Discover Qatar. These packages will go on sale from Sunday 14 June, and can also be booked upon arrival into Qatar at HIA. Only Qatari Nationals will be permitted to arrive into Qatar until 1 August 2020.

Qatari Nationals and QID holders returning from August 1 – 31:

All Qatari Nationals and Qatar Resident Permit Holders (QID) will require a confirmed flight ticket, a valid QID and a self-funded confirmed quarantine hotel reservation booked with Discover Qatar. You will not be able to board your flight to Qatar without providing confirmation of your 14 day quarantine package.

For anyone who is planning on returning to Qatar after August 31:

Wait until closer to your planned date of arrival into Qatar before confirming your travel plans, in case any of the quarantine requirements have changed.

As per Ministry of Public Health regulations, the 14 day quarantine is required at an approved and designated quarantine hotel and you cannot self-quarantine at your house, Discover Qatar explained.

“For arrivals between June 15 and July 30 you will be able to make a booking with Discover Qatar from Sunday 14 June. Initially bookings can be made by phone, email or at HIA on arrival into Qatar. You will need to have a confirmed flight ticket, and a valid Qatar passport. For arrivals from 1 August packages will be available for sale via the Discover Qatar website for valid QID or Qatar Passport holders from 25 June. The bookings can be amended or cancelled without any penalty,” Discover Qatar said.

Returnees can choose between different star rated hotels, depending on thier budget. Quarantine package rates and options will be available from June 14 on Discover Qatar. All hotel reservations will be on full board basis. This will consist of breakfast, lunch and evening meal as a minimum and food will be left at the door of the room.

Only direct relatives will be allowed to share a room. A maximum of 2 adults and 1 child 6 years or under may share a room. Leaving the room and meeting others or ordering food from outside will not be allowed.

All the quarantine hotels will be compliant with the Qatar Clean program. Qatar Clean is a collaborative effort by the National Tourism Council, Ministry of Public Health, and the hospitality and tourism sectors. “The program has been designed to align with best practices and expert protocols to ensure remarkable levels of cleanliness, hygiene and safety for our guests and front line workers. For more information please visit Qatar Clean,” Discover Qatar said.

Hotel staff will be routinely tested for Covid-19 and also be under quarantine and will follow MOPH guidelines. Medical teams will be at the hotel 24/7.

Source : The Peninsula